10 Best Sewing Machine For A Professional Seamstress – Review Of 2020

Sewing is a fun activity. Using a low-quality sewing machine, however, can affect the quality of your experience. Of course, you can get it repaired. But the damages in an advanced stage may require a replacement.

What’s the best sewing machine to try this year? In this article, we have gathered the top 10 options to weigh in mind. Keep reading for more information!

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Sewing Machine for a Professional Seamstress

In this pandemic, people have turned to sewing. It’s no surprise as this activity is engaging, interesting, and fulfilling.

Whether you’re not new to sewing or are looking for the right option, here are some selection pointers to weigh in mind:

1. Computerized or Mechanical – Which is Better?

The mechanical sewing machine has been the top option for a seamstress for years. But because of the inconvenience, computerized equipment has been gaining a massive popularity. However, don’t underestimate the power and benefits of traditional sewing equipment.

Yes, computerized sewing machine is high-end and state-of-the-art. It comprises unique and automatic features. Powered by a motor, it is fast and reliable. Generally, it comes with a display and automatic adjustments, making it a convenient option for many.

Mechanical sewing equipment, on the other hand, is simple, lightweight, and compact. It is inexpensive compared to modern tools. But its functionality should not be overlooked.

Now, what’s your option? Before making a decision, identify your needs and requirements. This makes the selection process easier and more seamless in the long run.

2. Built-in Stitch Options

Different models consist of several built-in stitches. While you might be tempted to purchase the one with a number of stitches, it is hard to use and maximize. The trick here is to buy a sewing machine with the most commonly used stitches. Popular options include utility, decorative stitches, zigzag, overlock stitch, buttonholes, blind hemming, heirloom, stretch stitches, and more.

3. Adjustable Stitch Width and Length

Stitch length and width should be adjustable. This is important as it supports seamstress in creating unique and numerous designs within a short period of time.

4. Portability

Portability is another factor to weigh in mind. The heavy sewing machine is hard to use, carry, and transport. Good news! There is lightweight and compact equipment you can take into account. While they are portable, quality and excellent features are not compromised.

 5. Buttonholes

Yes, cheap sewing models can be money-saving. But if you are looking for equipment with the attachments of a buttonhole, invest in a quality solution. While they can be expensive, they can reach the size of your projects. Also, you can say bye to repetitive and costly replacement.

6. Free Arm

Most sewing machines are available with a free arm. How does it work? Simply, it helps in sewing sleeves, pant hems, or cuffs with optimal comfort. Although it is often overlooked, a free arm is great for beginners and even professional seamstresses.


Top 10 Sewing Machines for Seamstresses

Best Sewing Machine For A Professional Seamstress

 1. Janome MOD-50

As a complete package for all, Janome MOD-50 comes with 50 built-in stitches, convenient buttons, and three one-step buttonholes. Known for a range of features, this computerized sewing machine can take your convenience to a different level. The results are also precise and quick. Thanks to its four presser feet and 7-piece feed dog system.

Unique Features:  

  • A wide variety of built-in stitches - It comes with 50 stitches, from home decor, heirloom, quilting, fashion, basic, and buttonholes.

  • Durable - It is available in heavy duty interior metal frame. It has great longevity that can guarantee bigger savings. The warranty lasts for 25 years.

  • Free Arm - This is removable and can stitch collars, hems, sleeves, and other circular parts.

  • Equipped with a 7-piece feed dog system - This can play a great role in a stippling or stitching buttonholes.

  • Bobbin system - Say bye to stressful sewing. Get it replaced with Janome MOD-50. Thanks to its bobbin system.

  • A sturdy and impact-resistant investment
  • It is a silent operator, making it suitable for late-night sewing
  • User-friendly, easy to navigate, and perfect for those who don’t have much experience in using a modern sewing machine
  • The speed control is fantastic as it allows you to finish products according to deadlines.
  • It ensures high-quality, immediate, and consistent results
  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • It is important to unthread the bobbin especially when it runs out
  • The thread holder is not made from metal


2. Brother XM2701

Brother XM2701 is a flexible sewing machine. Ideal for an expert seamstress, it is also excellent for starters.

As modern equipment, it is simple to use. Well, you might encounter some troubles at first. But you would find it fun to utilize.

In terms of portability, Brother XM2701 can compete with other brands. It is lightweight and easy to transfer from one place to another.

Yes, it is simple in design and affordable. However, it comes with a bunch of incredible and valuable features. Unlike the Brother CS60001 and Brother XL26001, it is an upgraded and cutting-edge version.


  • It works smoothly - You can get your job done without interference. Thanks to its professional development.

  • Cost-effective - Who says it’s hard to find affordable sewing machine with premium quality? With Brother XM2701, you can enjoy fun sewing experience while avoiding unnecessary expenses.

  • Easy to utilize - There’s no prior knowledge and experience required.

  • Comfortable storage - Due to its size, you can store or even transport Brother XM2701 without a hard time. 

  • Made from the finest materials - It is constructed with components from reliable and certified sources.

  • 27 built-in stitches
  • Needle threading
  • It comes with a comprehensive instruction manual for beginners
  • Extra accessories, including four bobbins, twin needle, screwdriver, 6-sewing feet, and more
  • It is surprisingly strong for its compact size
  • It works as smoothly as possible for your peace of mind
  • Some users complain about the automatic needle threader

Overall, Brother XM2701 is a worthwhile investment you shouldn’t miss as a seamstress. It won’t break your bank. Plus, it can turn your goals as a professional.

3. Singer 4423

The singer has been the tone of the most sought-after companies that provides a wide collection of sewing machine for people of any skill levels. The Singer 4423 is one of its popular options since its establishment.


  • Steel bedplate - This offers smooth fabric feed, ensuring comfortable and fast sewing.

  • Bobbin threading - This system is easy to load. For this reason, you can expect quicker threading.

  • Buttonhole - The buttonhole is fully automated, providing professional results with a touch of a button.

  • Built-in stitches - There are 23 built-in stitches. These include 12 decorative stitches, four stretch, and six basics.New List Item

  • Drop feed - This provides free-motion sewing that everyone would love from start to finish.

  • Stronger motor - The motor has been developed to be stronger than standard sewing machines.

  • Needle positions - You can change the needle of your preferences.

  • Needle tension - You can adjust this sewing machine for the needle tension to make stable stitch quality.

  • There’s a free arm for easy access to collars and cuffs
  • It is portable and comes with a built-in and easy to grip handle
  • You can mount this equipment into your cabinet without complicated procedures to follow
  • Expect a high presser foot lifter
  • It comes with a snap-on presser feet
  • It is convenient to insert or remove the thread supply
  • It is available with a 25-year warranty
  • The bobbin system is not as durable as you imagine because it is made of plastic materials
  • Whether you’re looking for a heavy duty or an entry-level sewing machine, Singer 4423 got you covered.


4. Brother CS6000I

Have you computerized sewing machine with built-in stitching options? Easy to use option? Brother CS6000I has them all, making the equipment a top favorite for both beginning and an experienced seamstress.


  • Tension adjustment - If the thread is too loose or tight, CS6000I can adjust it automatically. Thanks to its tension adjustment.

  • Jam-resistance technology - While sewing, you can say bye to your worries of getting stuck.

  • Large quilting table - This lets you handle projects of different dimensions, giving you enough space for your fabric.

  • Speed control - You can sew at a comfortable and steady speed.

  • Needle threader - This avoids sewing frustrations like squinting.

  • Needle position - This allows you to move the needle and stitching line without troubles.

  • Feed-dog adjustment - You can drop the toothy mechanisms for embroidery and free-style darning.

  • Automatic buttonholer - Sewing a button will be as easy as you think in the first place.

  • There are different accessories, including spring action quilting foot, buttonhole foot, walking foot, zipper foot, button-fitting foot, and more.
  • It is available with a working area or oversized sewing table.
  • It is easy to use and recommended for those who are less experienced.
  • It is competitively priced and can guarantee bigger savings at the end of the day
  • It may not work with thinner fabric
  • It is more flimsy compared to other heavy-duty models
  • Sewing at a fast speed make the thread to pop off

Whether you’re tired or unsatisfied of a poor quality sewing machine, this is a good investment you should have today.

5. Singer Start 1304

Whether you are a moderate seamstress or beginner, Singer Start 1304 should be on top of your list. It is easy to use and budget-friendly. It also have fantastic features for a wide variety of projects.


  • It has all the basic stitches - These include a straight stitch, decorative scallop stitch, zigzag stitch, satin, and blind hem stitch.

  • Made with the four-step buttonhole - This lets you add buttonholes to all of your garments with ease.

  • The free arm is easy to remove - You can also work on hems, collars, and cuffs without any disappointment.

  • Interchangeable feet - With Singer Start 1304, you will receive three presser feet. These are the zipper foot, all-purpose foot, and buttonhole foot.

  • Accessories - These are spool pin felts, class 15 bobbins, dual spool pins, a needle plate screwdriver, lint brush, seam ripper, and more.

  • The handle is not only fold-down but also easy to carry - Seamless sewing experience is something you would expect.

  • It comes with LED sewing space lighting
  • The foot filter is extra-high presser
  • It is made with a darning plate for motion-free sewing
  • Power line cord
  • Foot control
  • The instruction manual is easy to understand, comprehensive, and well-detailed
  • The warranty lasts for about 25 years
  • The foot pedal is not durable as it is made of plastic
  • Limited speed control

Singer Start 1304 does not only meet your needs, but also corresponds to your expertise. Compared to other options, it is user-friendly and affordable.

6. Neala Portable Sewing Machine

There are many portable sewing machine for seamstress today. This equipment from Neala is one of the most recognized tools in the industry right now. Ideal for beginners, it is also perfect for professionals.


  • 12 built-in stitches – These include curves, straight stitches, different patterns, and stitches for grommets.

  • Mini and sturdy storage drawer – To store its accessories, there’s a storage drawer to use. This keeps you organized throughout the process.

  • Adjustable sewing speed – Who says sewing speed cannot be adjusted? This equipment can get it done with precision.

  • LED light – This works for dark fabric stitches view or clear task view.

  • Safe design – It comes with a non-slip bottom pad, developed to be safe and sustainable.

  • Double-threaded – This lets you choose the mode you desire.

  • Accessories – The package include a locking metal presser foot, pedal, manual, 2 bobbins,  external power supply, and 2 needles.

  • It is a highly versatile sewing machine for people with different needs
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • There’s a wide stitch selection
  • It is easy to replace the presser foot
  • Sturdy, lasting, and impact-resistant construction
  • Many accessories, enabling you to save some cash and avoid other unnecessary expenses
  • It starts immediately because the speed is selected.

This sewing machine from Neala is a feature-packed solution for different users. Whatever your skill level, this equipment will be your best bet. It is durable and won’t require constant replacement. It is also user-friendly, which can ensure swift and stress-free performance.

7. Janome 2212

Great for beginners, Janome 2212 is also a good option for professional seamstress. While it is non-digital, its durability is on the next level. It lasts long, which only requires less intensive maintenance.


  • 12 built-in stitches - It also comes with a free arm and Dial Selector. It is a complete package indeed.

  • It provides a front loading bobbin - You can also enjoy a snap-on presser feet.

  • Great capacity - It can sew up to 860 stitches per minute. It is of good quality in its price.

  • It offers zigzag with adjustment - Aside from that, it offers 1 four-step buttonhole.

  • You would love the drop feed dog - It can reach the industry’s highest standards. Also, it prides itself with a 3-piece feed dog.

  • The stitch length is around 4mm - It is excellent.

  • Simply to operate and suitable for those who are new seamstresses
  • It is solidly built or well-constructed
  • It is moderately priced and won’t cause a dent in your savings account
  • It is easy to store and carry. Thanks to its small size
  • Perfectly constructed, which allows you to sew smoothly thru different fabric layers
  • It is 15 inches in length, 6 inches in depth, and 11 inches in height
  • There’s no automatic needle threader
  • The front loading bobbin is awkward
  • The noise level is annoying

This equipment is highly recommended for seamstress of any skill level. It is competitively priced, sturdy, long-lasting, and impact-resistant.

8. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

Versatile sewing machine, Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is perfect for crafting, garment making, quilting, or even creating home decorations. It is also sturdy, thanks to its heavy duty metal frame.


  • A top drop-in bobbin - This allows you to know how much thread is left.

  • Bobbin winding clutch - It is automatic and won’t compromise a great performance.

  • The speed control function is adjustable - It can sew a maximum of 850 stitches per minute.
    Good warranty - It lasts for 25 years.

  • Elongated functions and mirror imaging - If your mirror imaging is not good, Singer Quantum Stylist 1990 is a great alternative.

  • Reverse function - It is also automatic and can save your time all throughout the process.
    It offers a thread trimmer - This is designed to cut both bottom and top thread.

  • Available with an electronic auto pilot mode - This contributes to the equipment’s ease of use and convenience.

  • There’s a storage compartment - This allows you to be organized at all times. It is located into the free arm.

  • 18 presser feet
  • There’s an embroidery foot, all-purpose foot, zipper foot, etc.
  • It can last for decades, but proper use should not be ignored.
  • It is stylish that you can boast to relatives and other seamstresses.
  • It won’t break your bank, giving you enough budget for fabrics and other additional accessories
  • Some professional seamstresses find it hard to use. But they find it easy after some time.
  • Flexible? Durable? Long-lasting? Affordable? Name it! Singer Quantum Stylist 1990 has them all.

9. Juki HZL-F600

Another best sewing machine for a professional seamstress is the HZL-F600 from Juki. Its power to handle simple and tough sewing job makes it unique and remarkable.


  • It can withstand the test of time - It’s no surprise as it has a hard case, durable parts, and metal frame.

  • Its functionality is unparalleled - It is equipped with an advanced computer system for sewing projects of any size.

  • 625 built-in stitches - These consist of quilting, utility, and decorative stitches.

  • Elongated functions and mirror imaging - If your mirror imaging is not good, Singer Quantum Stylist 1990 is a great alternative.

  • Personalize all of your projects - It has 4 fonts for numbering and lettering.

  • It can handle heavy materials or fabrics - It’s because of the 7-point feed dog system.

  • Box feed technology - Juki HZL-F600 adjusts according to the thickness of a material.

  • Speed controls - The speed settings are adjustable according to your liking.

  • The maximum of stitch can reach at least 900 - But you can lower it to a minimum of 80 per minute for your convenience.

  • 16 buttonhole types, making it as good as other industrial machines
  • A wide extension table, giving you more sewing space
  • Easy to use pattern
  • It provides a large LCD display
  • Several presser feet, including a zipper foot, a blindhem foot, and more
  • An automatic bobbin winder and thread cutter
  • Some people find it expensive, but the features make it a worthwhile investment for all.

Juki HZL-F600 is indeed a fantastic choice for professional and experienced seamstress. Depending on your daily use, it can last for a lifetime.

10. Janome Memory Craft 6500P

Janome Memory Craft 6500P

Janome Memory Craft 6500P has been creating a buzz in today’s market. It has powerful and rich features, standing out from the competition. Produced by Janome, the company has a strong reputation of providing the best products in today’s market.


  • High speed - It can reach up to 100 spm, helping you finish any tasks on time.

  • Excellent tool for quilters - Its features are perfect for quilting. These include an innovative feed mechanism and a large throat space.

  • Stitches - It has a maximum of 135 built-in stitches, covering heirloom and decorative stitches.

  • Elongated functions and mirror imaging - If your mirror imaging is not good, Singer Quantum Stylist 1990 is a great alternative.

  • Aesthetic appeal - It has a sleek and minimalist look for both studio and home.

  • Easy to utilize - Despite the price, Janome 6500P is suitable for experienced and professional seamstresses out there. Don’t be afraid of its complex and diverse features.

  • Powerful and efficient functions
  • Heavy-duty and tailored for tough sewing projects
  • High sewing speed, enabling to complete different tasks in advance
  • The needle threader is not only automatic but also convenient to use
  • Different accessories, which consist of instruction book, bobbins, spool holder, foot control, etc.
  • It is excellent for those who are on a tight budget
  • It only requires a less intensive maintenance
  • It can blend to your sewing desk well
  • The sewing light is dim
  • It is not portable
  • It is not a fantastic option for beginners

So, what are you waiting for? Add this best sewing machine to cart now to enjoy awesome discounts and other services.

Final Verdict

You finally have a sewing machine in mind. What’s next? It’s time to make a purchase. You can visit the product on Amazon or the official website of the manufacturer. Enjoy shopping and make any sewing project happen.

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