Brother XM1010 Sewing Machine Review

If you are a beginner sewer and want to learn slowly, then there is no need to invest a lot of money, because Brother xm1010 review machine is ideal for beginners and is also easily affordable.

Well, we know that you might be worried about buying a sewing machine for the first time, but as we are always here to help you get the best, and for this, we will be discussing the reviews of Brother XM1010 sewing machine. Getting a full review of the machine will help you get to know whether the machine is suitable for you or not.

Brother XM1010 Sewing Machine Review

In the following article, we will be covering some of the features of XM1010, and later on, we’ll be dealing with its pros and cons so that you can have a better idea about the machine. Well, let’s get started with some of the unique features of Brother XM1010.

Brother xm1010 Sewing Machine


Brother xm1010 is a portable, lightweight, and a full-size sewing machine with around 10 pounds of weight. It is really a reliable antidote for those who need versatility in their daily sewing tasks and quite reasonable. The daily life mending and sewing projects will be possible with the most prominent stitches now.

Built-in Stitches

It comes with 10 different built-in stitch types that are most commonly used. These stitches are suitable for a zigzag, blind hem, stretch stitches, decorative, and reinforcement stitches. But in case you love to stitch different types, then maybe you want to go for others. However, it is ideal for beginners to start from the commonly used stitches.

Easy stitch selector knob

The machine features a large rotary knob, using which you will be selecting one of the ten built-in stitches. You can easily rotate the knob, and as it is labeled with all the stitch types, it makes it easy for you to recognize and select the one that you want to use. Using the know, you can select the desired stitch type, including buttonhole, utility or stretch stitches, and many others.

Free arm feature

It also features a free arm perfect for stitching challenging areas like inner arm joints, sleeves, hemming ends of pants, and more. You only need to detach the accessory box to use the sewing bed as a free arm to use this feature.

Four-step and auto-sized Buttonholes

The other feature of the Brother XM1010 is that it has a 4 step automatic buttonhole maker which is easy to operate and select.

Top drop-in bobbin

Another essential feature of Brother XM1010 is that it has a top drop-in bobbin, and the cover of the bobbin slot is transparent, which makes it easy for you to see while sewing.
It gives you very easy steps to follow for threading and bobbin winding, which you can do perfectly.

Presser Feet

This machine comes with 4 different presser feet, including zipper foot, zigzag foot, button sewing foot, and buttonhole foot. You can easily change it anytime you want according to the desired stitches.

Manually adjustable thread tension

You can manually adjust the thread tension with the help of a tension dial placed above the machine’s lift lever.

Different stitching techniques

This machine is perfect for delivering a need for finishing blind hems, and it can also accomplish mending and quilting to a great extent.
It is among the popular sewing machines and has good customer feedback from different platforms that can easily convince someone to buy this machine because it is ideal for beginners who want to start learning other sewing techniques.
The machine’s overall built structure is strong and sturdy and specially designed with all the basic requirements that are needed for a beginner sewer.
It also comes with 25 years of warranty and is sold with a carry case which makes it easy to transport anywhere.
Well, these are some of the features that the Brother XM1010 sewing machine has. Now let’s cover some of the pros and cons of the machine to know it better.

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  • Easy to operate– it is ideal for all beginner sewers as it has fundamental functions that anyone can efficiently handle.
  • Lightweight– the machine only weighs around 10.8 pounds, making it easy for you to carry anywhere. And also it comes with a carry case which makes it more convenient for you.
  • Advanced features– some advanced features like 10 built-in stitches, adjustable thread tension, top drop-in bobbin, four presser feet, free-arm, buttonhole maker. All these are the advanced features that help you to perform different stitching.
  • The machine is also jam-resistant due to top drop-in bobbin, which allows constant stitching without interruption.
  • It comes at an affordable price, making it perfect for beginners to learn sewing without investing a lot of money.


  • There is no automatic needle threader– It can be a disadvantage of the machine because nowadays almost every sewing machine offers you an automatic needle threader, which makes it easy for those who cannot thread the needle very quickly.
  • No speed controller – it does not come with a speed controller, and the only way to control the speed is by the foot controller, which means that you need to be very careful while operating the machine if you are new at it.
  • The machine is also not suitable for heavy-duty fabrics and can only perform stitching on thin material.
  • As of now, everyone prefers to have numerous built-in stitch types, but the machine only offers you ten stitch types, which can be a disadvantage if you love to perform different stitch types.

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The Brother xm1010 is an award-winning sewing machine and recommended by at least 9 customers out of 10. The easy usage, highly versatile with full-size design, reliability, construction, and an amazing sewing machine that is considered perfect for every beginner. 

I would recommend this appliance to those who carry out the sewing activity in their daily life. This appliance also aids in mending, applique, and quilting types of activities. It usually works on almost all kinds of fabrics. It consists of the 10 versatile stitches comprising blind hem, buttonhole,  and stretch stitches for knits. 

The versatile snap-on feet is also included with a set of 4. It includes buttonhole, zigzag, zipper feet, and button sewing. It also promotes the stitches selecting comfort which are clearly printed on the machine. Also whichever buttonholes you create, it will be sized automatically, isn’t it amazing?? 

Here you also get the freedom to hem the cuffs & sleeves easily and perfectly. The diagrams design printed on the machine is actually a great help. With the help of the diagrams, you can also make out actually how the upper threads & bobbin needs to be placed. The quick-set drop-in top bobbin makes sure your bobbin is accurately positioned for even and accurate stitching. 

Now make this machine adaptable with every sewing or stitching project you carry. The thread tension can be easily adjusted which delivers smooth stitches without puckered or loose stitching. Brother xm1010 also consists of ‘J’ foot, ‘I’ foot, ‘A’ foot, ‘M’ foot, etc. 

Now how a blind hem can be missed. It is surely inbuilt which is nearly invisible.  The stitches of the blind hem make hemming of clothes easy with extreme confidence. This appliance offers 25 years of the limited warranty and technical support for the machine in addition. It also includes a high set of accessories.

Its very simple to start, operate even for beginners. If you still need guidance the instructional DVD, a quick start, and the bilingual manual is in the box. A complete package of versatile performance in the budget is my real word about Brother xm1010.

Final Verdict

The overall performance of the Brother XM1010 is positive as it has all the basic requirements that are ideal for a beginner and is also easily affordable. Like every other Brother machine, this machine also comes with a compact and simple design providing you an elegant look. It is also effortless to carry due to its lightweight and lasts for a long time because of the right quality materials.

But if we compare it to all the modern sewing machines, then it lacks some automated features like needle threader and speed controller. Apart from this, it is perfect to use. If you think that these things are not your priority, then it is the ideal choice for you as a beginner.

The appliance that Brother international are introducing will really enthusiast your sewing passion again. Award-winning machine with high numbers of rankings and recommendations is worth trying.  This would be a great pick for beginners who are expecting versatility and budget in one machine.

The Brother xm1010 review comprises of amazing adjustable features and a wide variety of options to work on your fabrics. Very attractive, lightweight, compact and portable but still full-size.Yes, you heard right??  25 years of limited & assured warranty, long-term performance, and technical support for that long-term performance and limited financial investment is Brothers promise to you.

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