How To Use A Singer Simple Sewing Machine? Get The Complete Information

Did you recently buy a serger sewing machine? Or have one and wonder what are the things for which you can use this machine? Well, as you know that we are here to help you and guide you towards many things.

What is a Serger Sewing Machine Used for?

What is a Serger Sewing Machine Used for?

Today, in this article, you will come to know many things about serger sewing machines like how it looks, what its basic functional structure is, and many more things. And obviously, we will be discussing the main topic of this article: what are things for which you can use a serger sewing machine.

But before we dive into the main topic, let’s cover up some basics regarding a serger machine. So, if you are a beginner, you have to go through all the things to understand your machine more. 

The first question that arises is what precisely a serger machine is? Well, a serger sewing machine is one of the varieties of sewing machines used by sewers to stitch specific patterns or designs on the fabric, which makes their work a lot easier. And this machine is used explicitly for carving out different patterns on different types of fabrics, which is suitable for sewers or designers who need multiple types of unique designs or patterns.

The serger sewing machine is also known as an overlocker sewing machine, and it uses multiple threads to stitch fabric, which gives them a finished look.

Well, let’s start discussing a few topics about serger sewing machines, which will help you to know this sewing machine better.

How does a Serger Sewing Machine Look Like?

A serger sewing machine is not much different from a general sewing machine, when it comes to the looks, but is way more different than a general machine in terms of work.

The main thing that makes a serger sewing machine different from others is that it has around three to four thread cones attached to it. This feature makes it unique because there are no 3-4 cones of thread in general sewing machines.

What is the Basic Functional Structure of the Serger Sewing Machine?

A serger sewing machine is automated, and it can be considered a high volt Sewing machine. As we mentioned earlier, it stitches different patterns and designs, so it comes with different orientations that give it a functional structure to stitch these designs. It has a high capacity which makes it to deliver the designs and patterns of the professional works as it can stitch unique patterns. It is a perfect type of sewing machine which can be used in decorative works. Most of the designers are currently using a serger sewing machine because it helps them stitch their design. It also maintains their high reputations of carving out different types of stitching, according to the unique designs that they make. 

What are Thread Overlocks In A Sewing Machine?

 When we discussed a serger machine’s looks, we said that it has 3 to 4 attached thread cones. These thread cones are also known as thread overlocks and are fixed on the machine’s top together. This machine has a high voltage performance when it comes to sewing the thread, giving multiple stitching variations. These 3 to 4 overlocks give them a unique look. All these thread overlocks are responsible for stitching in multidimensional. 

The things mentioned above were the basics of a serger sewing machine, like how it looks and the properties that a serger sewing machine has compared to a general sewing machine. Now let’s come to the next part of our discussion, which is what all are the things for which a serger sewing machine is used for. To give you an idea of how a serger sewing machine can be used, we have listed the following six things:

  • A special seaming tool
  • Hem stitching 
  • A good knitting machine 
  • Getting some ruffles down
  • Getting the elastic bands attached 
  • Getting the rolled hem garment pieces 

Well, now let’s discuss all these points one by one in detail. 

Serger As A Seaming Special Tool 

A serger sewing machine features oriented tools with a high capacity for the unique functioning of giving good seams. When it comes to giving a perfect look to any stitched fabric, seaming plays an essential role because it contributes towards the stitching of any fabric. If the seaming of fabric is finely done, it gives a good look and a good finishing. 

So, a serger sewing machine helps the sewers in providing excellent seaming to the fabric. And as a result, it gives an excellent finishing and a smooth texture with a decorative look. This is among the best things for which a serger machine is appreciated as it can enclose the seams with high precision providing a right finished fabric. 

Serger for Hem Stitching 

Hem stitching is used to give a decorative thread work in the fabric. As mentioned earlier, a serger machine gives different patterns or designs, and stitching a full perfect hem is one of a serger machine’s abilities. They are specifically designed with a capacity to stitch the hems with a great style and a beautiful texture. A serger machine can carve out hemlines on the jeans or trousers with a perfect shape giving them a beautiful look. 

Serger As a Good Knitting Machine 

Many people love Knit clothes by hand or using a machine and giving them different designs with different threads. When it comes to helping sewers, a knitting machine must provide flow in work to give a suitable cloth. 

A serger sewing machine comes with many threads overlocks, which can help these sewers knit fabric with a perfect flow and precision. Using a general or more straightforward sewing machine for knitting clothes is impossible because this task requires a blend of threading culture that is complex. 

And because a serger sewing machine has many threads overlocks, it is perfect for knitting clothes. 

Get Some Ruffles With The Serger

For many years ruffles have been used as a decorative element because it makes a piece of fabric look more beautiful. When these machines were not manufactured, the carving out of ruffles was not an easy task. 

But now, because of a serger sewing machine, carving out different and unique designs and patterns have become very easy. Along with this, shaping out ruffles has also become more comfortable. 

A serger machine carves out different decorative shapes, which helps the sewers make ruffles of unique shapes, sizes, and patterns with much ease. The ruffles carved out using a serger machine results in a beautiful fabric that can be stitched or attached to increase the decorative elements on the fabric.  

Get The Elastic Bands Attached

A serger sewing machine features many stitching variants that are unique and helps the sewers to get the elastic bands attached to the fabric along with stitching some unique patterns. 

As there are many different patterns and designs that a serger machine can produce, attaching an elastic band to the fabric can be done quickly. Also, it gives different patterns on the fabric, making them look more beautiful. It gives a steady and firm elastic band with stylish stitches attached to the fabric. 

Get The Rolled Hem Garment Pieces

Stitching a rolled hem is a tricky task as it involves tiny folds throughout the hem. To do this work is a bit difficult because it requires much finishing to give a beautiful look. These rolled hems are found on many clothes like napkins and handkerchiefs. 

To carry out a rolled hem stitching with a serger sewing machine is much more comfortable. As it has got the potential and also many different thread overlocks that can carve out the edges with rolled hems of garment pieces more comfortably with finished looks.


Well, we are now at the end of the article, and we have covered the point of discussion. All the things mentioned above can be done by using a serger sewing machine. So, if you are a beginner, we have also discussed some basics of a serger sewing machine like how it looks different from a general sewing machine and its unique features, including thread overlocks.

In case you are looking forward to buying a serger sewing machine, then all the things mentioned can be done by it very quickly. Or if you own a serger sewing machine, then you can know what all are the things that can be done using a serger machine.

The Singer sewing machines seem to be smart enough to help in sewing. The respond to the query of ‘how to use a Singer simple sewing machine?’ is being responded well with some information that would be helpful enough for the Singer machine lovers.

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